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Etchings of Buried Memory

Poems by François Cheng; aquatint etchings by Michele Burgess on Gampi paper. Bound in vellum, chitzu of Moriki paper. 8 1/2” x 5 1/2”. Edition of 30. 2003.

This project was initiated by Derrick Cartwright to coincide with a retrospective exhibition of Michele Burgess’s artist’s books at the Museé d’Art Américain in Giverny, France. Conversations between Chinese French poet François Cheng and the artist led to ruminations about gesture in the landscape from both an Eastern and Western point of view. The artist selected seven poems about stones and in response created large geological etchings in two and three colors. The etchings were then folded into signatures of four-page spreads on which each poem is printed in the original French, followed by the English and Chinese translations. The shadows of the images shimmer underneath the words.

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