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Poems by Bill Kelly; paintings and intaglios by Michele Burgess on Gampi paper. Hand printed binding housed in a chitzu covered in Japanese silk. 10" x 7.5". Edition of 30. 2006.

Inspired by a conservator’s notes on an Italian Herbal, circa 1500, housed at the Bailey-Howe Library at the University of Vermont; bandaged stone figures at the twelfth-century Cloister of Saint Trophime in Arles, France; photographs of Warsaw, Poland, after the World War II bombings there; and visits to the sites of forest fires and fire storms in the western United States. “Is it necessary to forget in order to remember? . . . No amount of repair can save the shape of a forgotten memory.” Painted ghost trees frame the poems and prints as would a Greek chorus of witnesses. Volume 1 of "The Stratigraphic Archives."

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